Hillary Clinton's IQ is 140

Hillary Clinton's IQ is 140, Is Hillary Clinton's IQ actually 140?I have seen this claim many times on the internet, but nobody offers any proof. I have spent a lot of time looking for some type of proof, but I can't find any. Please give me a link to a legitamite source to prove your case.

Yes, I do have WAY too much time on my hands.

I know that this really doesn't matter, but I was just arguing with a friend over whether or not she was smart. I agree that she is smart, but not to the point of having 140 IQ...

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There is no doubt that she is an extremely hard worker, which would explain good grades and achievements in life, but this does not prove that she has a high IQ.
2 years ago

Actually, to get into Mensa you must only have an IQ of 132. 140 is incredibly high, it is the top .3% of society. I doubt anyone who didn't know this would actaully be in Mensa, so I doubt "America on Bush Watch" is actaully in Mensa...

source: yahoo