Dawn Manning Simon head, chest, and arm wounds

Dawn Manning Simon head, chest, and arm wounds - August 17, 1901, Mrs. Joseph Bosck was trapped in the upper floor of her burning home with her baby in St. Louis, Missouri. The plan was that her husband would jump out of the window to the ground far below and catch their child.
However, her husband ended up on the ground, helpless, with two broken legs from the fall.

Believing she would die, she stepped backwards from the window, her body wrapped around her child with the intention of crushing her own body to cushion the fall for her child.

It worked, when police arrived they found the baby safe and cooing. Her mother’s breast had protected her. The mother survived with a wrenched back, internal injuries, and uncertain future health.

When interviewed at the hospital she said, “I supposed I may be injured for life, but my little one is safe, and I am happy. I am in pain, but she is not, so it’s all right. I just held her close to my breast and let myself fall backward, and all I was afraid of was that I would turn in the air and fall on her.”

The maternal instinct. These stories are as numerous as the stars. Most of us moms know there is no question what would happen should our babies come into harm’s way. I’ve jumped into pools fully clothed when I thought there was a problem and been prepared to pull or push him to safety at my own expense. Fortunately, I’ve never had to perform an act of heroism that has been newsworthy.

Last week a mom had to do just that. Dawn Manning and her family from British Columbia were hiking the Abercrombie Trail in Washington state. She and her 5-year old son Simon Impey were about 50 meters (about half a football field) behind her husband and daughter.

They were about about two hours into the hike, and eating huckleberries. Out of the corner of her eye, she saw her son stumble. To her horror she soon saw that her son’s head was in the mouth of a cougar. The big cat attempted to drag Simon into the bush.

The cougar may have figured the little 5-year-old would be easy pickings but hadn’t counted on the mother.

Dawn attacked the cougar with her metal water bottle with all her might. She hit it about 15 times, quickly and hard, and the cougar let the boy go.

The boy suffered head, chest, and arm wounds and was released the next day with many stitches but otherwise in good condition.

It’s not Mother’s Day, but I take this moment to applaud all the mother’s around the world who care for and love their children so selflessly.

Even if your mom never jumped from a window or fought off a cougar to save your life, she probably was always ready to do just that.

She probably has stayed up through the night caring for you, so tired she was on the verge of hallucinations.

She probably has done without so that you can be happy, fed, and thriving.

She probably has taken years off her life worrying about you and whether she is doing a good enough job.

Take a moment to do something special for your mom today for no good reason other than you love her.