Booze And Bikinis “Welcome”

Booze And Bikinis “Welcome” - In Egypt, Egypt is aiming to boost tourism, and the country's tourism minister has gone so far as to declare that booze and bikinis are "welcome” there. Muslim groups have called for a ban on what they consider to be risque behaviors, but the Daily Mail shared on May 6 that the country is trying to make the area a tourist destination again.

Hisham Zaazou is visiting the United Arab Emirates, and is talking about how Egypt is working to avoid the bans that the Salafi Muslim groups are seeking. The country has had a healthy tourism industry in past years, but that took a hit in 2011 when the politics and leadership in the country suffered instability.

Now Zaazou has a goal to bring tourists back to Egypt. The tourism minister ensures people that the country is safe to visit, and the ministry has even gone so far as to create a live video feed on its website showing the major resort areas.

The United Arab Emirates has been dealing with similar issues regarding conservative Muslim groups and their objections to alcohol and revealing swimsuits. Signs have been posted along many public beaches, warning visitors that they could be fined for wearing bikinis or Speedo-style swimsuits. Zaazou is working to make it clear, it seems, that booze and bikinis are welcome in Egypt, so that the tourist money may return once again.