Teen hit by softball dies

Teen hit by softball dies - Tragedy strikes 16-year-old on birthday, A teen hit by a softball dies when he was celebrating his birthday. Taylor Dorman, 16, collapsed on the baseball field 20 minutes after the ball hit him hard in the chest during a physical education class, Epoch Times reports April 11. The boy was rushed to the hospital and died hours later on Wednesday.

According to reports, Taylor was playing a game called "Over the Line" at Ramona High School in Ramona, Calif. when he was hit by the softball. He was immediately transported to Palomar Medical Center in Escondido via helicopter. The medical examiner's office didn't release a cause of death, but it's believed that the teen died from a heart attack and he was said to have experienced a seizure prior to that. Doctors tried stabilizing his heart rhythm, but Taylor died.

"After being hit Taylor complained of his chest hurting then he collapsed," Ramona High School Principal, Tony Newman, said.

This is a terrible tragedy that will impact students at Ramona High School. It's highly uncommon for a teenager to die so suddenly from anything -- especially by a softball or anything related to physical education in school. Those who were with Taylor during gym class that day will have a lot deal with in overcoming the horrible incident. The school has created a special poster students can sign in remembering Taylor Dorman.