Geo jumped on boy, pushed him out of the way

Geo jumped on boy, pushed him out of the way - A brave German Shepherd puppy was badly injured after he pushed a boy out of the path of a runaway lorry and took the impact himself.

Eight-month-old Geo has been hailed a hero by his adoring family after he averted tragedy on a family walk in Clacton-on-Sea, Essex.

Carly Riley and her three sons Charlie,10, Josh, seven, and Ben, four, were walking along Burrs Road in the town when the accident happened.

As they waited at a street corner to cross the road, an out-of-control truck careered onto the pavement, heading straight for Charlie.

Geo jumped forwards, pushing the boy out of the way, and was hit off the pavement and onto the road.  He was then hit by the vehicle again before the driver drove off.

Mrs Riley and her factory worker husband Ian, 34, reported the hit-and-run to the police.

Mrs Riley, who has set up a Facebook page called Geo The Hero in honour of her eight-month-old puppy, said: 'We were waiting to cross the road at the lights when I just heard a car going really fast.  Then a pick-up truck mounted the curb.
'Geo must have sensed it as he leapt on Charlie and took him out of the way.
'It could have wiped us all out.  If it wasn't for Geo I am 100 per cent sure it would've been Charlie.'

Geo, a German Shepherd-collie mix, suffered a broken leg, fractured spine and severe bruising in the accident, which happened earlier this month.  He endured five hours of surgery during which two metal plates were inserted in his leg.

The Rileys, who hope he will make a good recovery, are now facing vets' bills of around £8,000 and have set up a PayPal account into which well-wishers may donate to help pay for the dog's treatment.
Mrs Riley, 28, said: 'It wasn't a question of getting him put down: we want him fixed no matter what it costs.  He's family.'

Source: dailymail