Dennis Rodman fired

Dennis Rodman fired - In an embarrassing turn of events on last night’s “All-Star Celebrity Apprentice,” Dennis Rodman was fired by Donald Trump for misspelling the name of Trump's wife Melania.

This week, the two teams had to come up with a marketing campaign for Mrs. Trump’s new skincare line. As project manager of Team Power, Rodman oversaw Lil Jon, Brande Roderick, and Trace Adkins in coming up with the tagline “Simply Melania, Simply Luxury... It trumps all others.”

When Roderick finished presenting, Lil Jon was confident that they’d nailed it. “It’s always best to go second so you leave them with that last impression,” he said.

Unfortunately, that impression was a bad one because the top of their poster bore the typo, “Milania."

Mrs. Trump looked disbelieving as the team continued to present, exchanging incredulous glances with her stepchildren, Donald Trump Jr. and Ivanka Trump. “I can’t believe they spelled my name wrong. It’s all over the place, and nobody even noticed?” she marveled.

Later, when Team Power lost, both Rodman and Adkins (who was in charge of graphics) came back to the boardroom. Trump noted that Rodman’s teammates kept sending him there, and though he’d come a long way, he couldn’t escape getting fired this time.

“I haven’t gotten this far in my life without thinking on the fly, without thinking things very carefully, trying to make good judgments, things like that,” Rodman said while pleading his case.

But Trump had had enough. "This is the ultimate error," he said before sending Rodman packing.

Rodman's firing comes just a day after he made a cameo on “Saturday Night Live,” in a sketch sending up North Korean leader Kim Jong Un. The former basketball star made headlines when he visited the reclusive country and proclaimed the dictator to be his “friend.” He even waded into diplomacy by suggesting to ABC News that President Barack Obama should just call Kim to clear up their differences.

“[Kim] loves basketball,” Rodman said. “And I said the same thing, I said, ‘Obama loves basketball.’ Let’s start there.”