Charles Dickens' IQ was 180

Charles Dickens' IQ was 180 - English writer Dickens (Charles John Huffam Dickens) is at the top of the class with his IQ score. Charles Dickens’ IQ was 180.
One of England's most celebrated authors was born 200 years ago today. Google is commemorating Charles Dickens with a little Twist. There's a doodle, as would be expected, but behind it links to free ebooks from the search and information giant's own bookstore. Eh, what's up with that? Is it favoritism? Charles Dickens' IQ was 180,

That's a question I've heard often asked recently about Google, as the amount of cross-product, cross-service integration increases. The practice jumped quite dramatically after Larry Page returned as Google CEO in April 2011, and it's not abating. Favoritism should be a concern, given that impartiality -- and with it trust -- is crucial to Google's core product and profit center.