Body In Towed Car

Body In Towed Car
Body In Towed Car, A body was towed in a car from the scene of the accident and it sat in the vehicle for three days undetected at the storage yard. The body of 62-year-old Carolyn Ann Watkins wasn't discovered until a missing person report was filed by her family, which prompted a Smithfield, North Carolina police officer to check out the car for any clues that would help in her disappearance. The officer found the body on the floorboard of the passenger side of the car, according to the Inquistr on Tuesday, April 2, 2013.

The time of Watkins' death has not been determined yet, but her family members believe that Carolyn Ann would be alive today if the police officer on the scene of the accident paid better attention to the inside of the car. The Pontiac 2000 was found in a ditch on Friday morning, about 30 miles outside of Raleigh. The car's two front airbags had deployed in the accident. The policeman on the scene ordered the car towed after no one was found in or around the car.

The woman was last seen alive on Thursday and it was Friday morning when the car she was driving was found in that ditch. Al Parker, the accident victim's son, spoke with the media and said, “I'm thinking my mother could still have been alive.” He also said, “How do you not look in the car? When you pulled the car out, how do you not see a body in the car?”

The officer who was at the scene and ordered the car towed has been put on administrative duty while the State Bureau of Investigation reviews the case.

Source: examiner