Lozada quitting 'Basketball Wives'?

Lozada quitting 'Basketball Wives'?
 Lozada quitting 'Basketball Wives'?. Lozada Quitting Basketball Wives, Evelyn Lozada swears it is done correctly, basketball Wives.The is not because it was neither a woman nor married to a basketball player. It is simply fed up and insisted that no money will change anything.Mmm Hmm. Heard that before. As Sammi and Ronnie Jersey Shore, she and the VH1 program always end up back together.

Sources close to Evelyn Lozada said her decision after having posted a blog VH1 involving Evelyn boyfriend cheated on Chad Ochocinco with Terrell Owens.

Evelyn is furious and claims the rumor – which apparently resurfaced earlier this year and has been a point of contention with the network – is simply wrong.

She feels betrayed by the network, which has since removed the blog. However, Lozada has already decided, enough is enough and says she will not be back.

Evelyn is now looking for other opportunities and will focus on planning her wedding to come to Ochocinco, according to reports. God thank you.