What to Wear on First Date

What to Wear on First Date
What to Wear on First Date. Most people worry about what to wear on a first date and spend half the day trying on every outfit in their wardrobe to see which looks best. People want to look sexy and attractive on a first date but they also tend to fall into the ‘visual trap’.Remember that humans have more than one sense, visual is just one of the ways we receive information and pleasure, which is why we wear perfume on dates. A lot of the flirting game is taken up by touch with little brushes against someone that excite the senses.

Women will more often than not choose a dress or blouse that shows their cleavage to the best advantage and tight fitting skirt or trousers to accentuate their curves.

Men will generally choose trousers and shirt or jumper that they feel best demonstrates their financial success, whether that is through choice of label or style.

These are fine choices, as long as you like to be looked at from afar but what if you want your date to get a little closer?

Put the clothes you are thinking of wearing on your bed, close your eyes and feel them. Do they feel sexy, do you want to put them to your cheek and rub your face in their softness? Do they smell fresh and slightly scented?

You want your date to have to fight themselves not to touch you, not in an outright sexual way but just little brushes against you. They should want to find any excuse to stroke your arm or back as you walk through a door or move past them to go to the bathroom.

You will find if you wear velvet or soft wool that you yourself inadvertently stroke your arm or leg as you speak, simply because of the pleasure you get from the touch of the material, this should have the desired effect on your date and just watch how many times their eyes move to your stroking hand.

The same effect simply cannot be found with jeans, leather or nylon, no matter how much flesh is on show.

A man is less likely to wear velvet but a soft wool jumper or silk mix shirt can have just the same effect when worn by a man.

Source: country-couples