Wettest Cities

Wettest Cities
Wettest cities. Have you ever wondered what the wettest cities or places on earth are? You probably have asked this question if you don’t like too much rain or if you would like to see more rain. The list below shows the wettest (most rainy) cities so we can all avoid them. While writing this post, I couldn’t help but notice that the top rainy cities in the world also come with the most abnormal and exotic names. Why? I don’t know!
1. Cherrapunji, India: Average rainfall of 498.0 in / 126.5 cm

2. Mawsynram, India: Average rainfall of 467.4 in / 118.9 cm

3. Waialeale, USA (Hawaii): Average rainfall of 451.0 in / 114.6 cm

4. Debundscha, Cameroon: Average rainfall of 404.6 in / 102.8 cm

5. Quibdo, Colombia: Average rainfall of 353.9 in / 898.9 cm

6. Bellenden Der Range, Australia: Average rainfall of 340.0 in / 863.6 cm

7. Andagoya, Colombia: Average rainfall of 281.0 in / 713.7 cm

8. Henderson Lake, British Columbia: Average rainfall of 256.0 in / 650.2 cm

9. Kikori, Papua New Guinea: Average rainfall of 232.9 in / 591.6 cm

10. Tavoy, Myanmar: Average rainfall of 214.6 in / 545.1 cm

But hey, at least now you know that if you ever visit these rainy cities you should never forget your umbrella, right?! Too much rain or too much sun? which one would you pick? It’s a hard choice but for me I’d go with the first!

Source: top10stop