Multimillion-Dollar Domains

Multimillion-Dollar Domains
Multimillion-Dollar Domains. A look at some of the priciest names on the Internet. A typical domain name might cost you around $12, but not if you're looking for one that captures a popular industry in cyberspace. From sex to money to shopping, the all-encompassing domain names that are most popular amongst Web surfers often come with an astronomical price tag. Here's a run-down of some of the most pricey domain names by category.  

Many people have hedged their bets on domain names with a money theme. In 1999, sold for $7.5 million — and just eight years later that domain and the business tied to it fetched an astronomical $350 million from RH Donnelley, which this year changed its name to Dex One Corp. In 2009, — now a website that provides quotes for life, car and health insurance — sold for $16 million, according to Domain Name Journal. And a year prior, sold for $10 million. Ka-ching.


Liquor, wine and beer are obvious money-makers for restaurants and bars — and when it comes to domain names, they're not doing too shabby, either. In 1999, bought for nearly $3 million. In 2004, was purchased for $7 million, and two years later sold for $3 million. Now that's the spirit.

Information technology

While it may be the most basic of domain names, is also among the priciest of those focused on cyberspace. In 2009, the domain name was bought by QuinStreet, a direct-marketing service firm for $18 million as part of a bundle of business assets. Other Internet-related domain names have high sticker prices, too. The name, for example, sold for $1.66 million and fetched a respectable $2.1 million.


The Internet is also an ever-increasing space for shopping, so profiteers are always looking to snag domain names that consumers might turn to first. In 2008, sold for $4.9 million and that same year, garnered a sizeable $2.8 million. Popular items for purchase also become top-dollar domain names, such as with a $1.5 million price tag and, which sold for $7.5 million.

Notable names, pricey domains

$350 million (2007)

$18 million (2009)

$13 million (2010)

$7.5 million (2006)

$7 million (2004)

$4.9 million (2008)

$3 million (2006)