Andy Bates Kebab

Andy Bates Kebab
Andy Bates Kebab. Andy Bates creates world’s costliest kebab. British celebrity chef Andy Bates has created what could be described as the most expensive kebab in the world. The meal which is made up of several fine things including gold leaf garnish costs $1227.The kebab was created for the UK’s Food Network. The piece was made with a specially selected lamb, pepper, feta cheese, olive oil, Coeur de Boeuf tomatoes and purple violet potatoes. The meal was then decorated with a sauce made of Scotch Bonnet chillies. The meat dish was later presented during an event at Stockwell, south London for some lucky few to try it.

Andy said that, “This is the Michelin star kebab and most likely to appeal to a high-class drunk on his way home. I went to a kebab shop, bought a typical kebab, folded it open and analyzed the ingredients… I put a lot of time into sourcing ingredients of the highest quality.”

The network assured that all the salad ingredients used for the kebab were organic. The ingredients were sourced from several countries including Spain, France and Greece.

The Food Network used the kebab to launch a brand new program ‘The Great Food Truck Race.’

Source: thaindian